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Senior Infants


 We have three Senior Infant Classes


Ms Kitt        Ms Slattery          Ms Kiely

Welcome to the Senior Infants page. 

May & June 2019

Our themes for our last two months were water, summer and minibeasts. We learned about water safety, how to preserve water and the water cycle. We learned about the signs of summer and learned all about minibeasts and went on a minibeast hunt. 

In Maths we learned how to tell and write the time in one hour intervals.  We revised the story of 10 and continued to make certain amounts of money and learned how to calculate change.

In SESE we discussed the signs of summer, the clothes we wear and what we do during the summer months. We named and idenified different minibeasts and went on a mininbeast hunt. In PE we did Gymnastics and outdoor activties.  To top off an amazing year we had our school tour, Science Day, the Rainbow Walk and Sports Day.

April 2019

Our themes for April so far were farm, space and Easter. We learned all about the farm, animals and their babies. We learned about the role of the farmer. We started learning about space and the solar system. We learned all about Easter and why its celebrated.

In Maths we continue to learn the story of 10. We started learning about money, identifying the coins up to 10c, making certain amounts of money and after Easter we will start to calculate change.

In SESE we learned about the farm, the names of the animals and their babies and where they live. We started learning about space and the solar system.

In PE we completed our Ballet lessons with Stephen and performed for our parents.

March 2019

Our themes for March so far were spring, Pancake Tuesday and Saint Patrick’s Day. We learned all about the changes spring brings. We learned about the different plants and animals associated with spring. We planted a broad bean and learned about the life cycle of a board bean. We made pancakes and learned about St Patrick. We prepared art for the St Patrick’s Day Parade. We continue to learn how to write the uppercase letters. 

In Maths we estimated and measured length using non-standard units for example we measured using counters, cubes and paper clips. We continue to learn the story of 10.

In SESE we learned about the signs of spring, the different parts of a daffodil and sequenced the story Jack and the Beanstalk. 

In PE we continue to learn Ballet with Stephen we are having so much fun!

From 11th – 14th of March we celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge. We learned the song and dance to Léimigí, Casaigí.

February 2019

Our themes for this busy month were spring, habitats and biodiversity. We learned about the different habitats like the rainforest, the arctic, the desert and the sea. We learned about the habitats around our school.  We went on a sound walk and listened for sounds in our habitat. We are learning all about a very important insect in our habitat the bee. We also did reports on the bee. 

Maths we are learning the number 10 bonds. We also learned about data, we collected, represented and examined data.

In S.E.S.E we learned all about the different habitats.

In PE we are doing Athletics and on Thursdays we are learning Ballet.

January 2019

Our themes for January were weather and clothes. We learned all about different types of weather, we listened and responded to weather forecasts. We learned about the different clothes we wear in summer and winter. We are doing Power Hour, we bring home a different book everyday to read. We started report writing and wrote reports on animals. 

Maths we explored the numbers 8 and 9. We learned all about the number stories of 8 and 9. We also did weight and had lots of fun weighing objects around the classroom to see what was heavy and light. We used cubes to balance different objects in the classroom.

In S.E.S.E we learned about the weather, the artic and the animals that live there.

In PE we had lots of fun doing Athletics, walking, jogging, jumping, hopping and skipping.

Best of all we had visitors from Blakestown Community School who came to our school and read books to us. We are so lucky!

September – December

We started Guiding Reading and brought books home to read. We can read up to 40 Tricky Words.

We revised over the letter formation of most of our lower case letters. We are copying sentences from the board and writing them into our copies. We are even writing sentences by ourselves now too.

We loved listening to books like Twas the Night Before Christmas, The First Christmas Story and The Nativity.

Maths we learned the names and how to describe a number of 3D shapes. We had great fun using numicon to practise counting and we used the numicon to help us understand the story of 6 and 7. 

Gaeilge we learned about  pasttimes and Christmas.

In SESE we learned about old and new toys and winter.

In Art we drew and painted Santa, Rudolph, snowman and a Christmas tree.

But the most exciting event to happen this term was our Christmas play Ralph the Reindeer.