Green School


Welcome to Green School 2020-2021

We are currently working towards our Global Citizenship for Litter and Waste.

We began our Green School Journey in 2010, working towards our first Green flag, Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Rubbish.

Our first Green flag in 2010 for Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Rubbish.

Our second flag was raised in May 2013 for energy.

Our 2nd Green flag in 2013 for Saving Energy.

Our third flag for water we raised in May 2015.

Our 3rd Green Flag in 2015 for Saving Water.

We raised our travel flag in October 2017.

We raised our biodiversity flag in March 2019.

We have our own hotel for the bugs in Scoil Mhuire Junior.

Don’t Forget

Walk on Wednesdays!

Turn it off Thursdays!

LOLO – Last Out Lights Off!