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Admissions Policy

General Information

This enrolment policy is being set out in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act (1998). The Board of Management trusts that by so doing parents/guardians will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters.

School Name:                                     Scoil Mhuire Junior

School Address:                                 Blakestown, Dublin 15

School Website:                      

Telephone No.:                                   01 8216916

Denominational Character:               Roman Catholic

Name of Patron:                                Archbishop Diarmuid Martin D.D.

Chairperson B.O.M.                           Mrs. Susan Fox

School Principal                                Mrs. Charlotte Hughes


Scoil Mhuire Junior has 1 Principal, 14 class teachers, 1 Early Start Teacher, 1 Childcare Assistant, 2 SNA’s, 7 Support Teachers and 1 Home school Liaison Teacher. It is a mixed school catering for boys and girls from Junior Infants to Second Class. We also have an Early Start Unit.


Opening Hours

Early Start Morning Group                                                              08.50 – 11.20

Early Start Afternoon Group                                                           12.00 – 14.30

Junior and Senior Infants                                                               08.50 – 13.30

1st and 2nd Classes                                                                              08.50 – 14.30


Scoil Mhuire Junior depends on the grants and teacher resources provided by the Department of Education and Skills and it operates within the regulations laid down, from time to time, by the DES. School policy has regard to the resources and funding available.

The school follows the curricular programmes prescribed by the Department of Education and Skills, which may be amended from time to time, in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act (1998).


Within the context and parameters of Department regulations and programmes, the rights of the patron as set out in the Education Act (1998), and the funding and resources available, Scoil Mhuire Junior supports the principles of:

  • Inclusiveness, with reference to the enrolment of children with a disability or other special educational need
  • Equality of access and participation in the school
  • Parental choice in relation to admission
  • Respect for diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society.


Criteria for Admission

The following are the criteria for enrolment of pupils in Scoil Mhuire Junior


  • Siblings of children already in the school who are resident in Blakestown Parish in date of birth order. {This may be subject to cut-off point}
  • Siblings of children already in the school who are not resident in Blakestown Parish in date of birth order. {This may be subject to cut-off point}
  • Other children living in the parish.
  • Other children living outside the parish.
  • If the applications within the categories exceed the number of places, older children will have precedence.


No child is refused admission for reasons of ethnicity, language, gender, traveller status, refugee/asylum seeker status, religious beliefs and values, family or social circumstances.

The Board of Management has the right to respect the rights of the existing school community and the children already enrolled in the school. Therefore decisions on admissions will be made in the best interests of all children.

The Board of Management reserves the right to determine the maximum number of children in each separate classroom bearing in mind:

  • Size of available space in each classroom
  • Educational needs of children of a particular age
  • Presence of children with special educational / behavioural needs
  • Department of Education and Skills class size directives – currently a maximum of 20 children in DEIS Band 1 school


Application procedures

Application for enrolment for Junior Infants & Early Start takes place during the second term of the preceding school year. Parents/guardians are informed of the dates for admission by: –

  • A text/ note home will be sent to parents /guardians of all children attending Scoil Mhuire Junior.
  • Notices posted on the front and classroom doors of the school, in local shops and the Resource Centre.
  • Information will be displayed on the school website :
  • Signage on the school gate


Each parent/guardian is required by the Board of Management to provide the following information in the enrolment application form:

  • Child’s name, age, address
  • Proof of PPS number
  • Name and addresses of pupil’s parents/guardians
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Eircode
  • Employment details
  • Details of any medical / behavioural / emotional conditions

(Consent & information from doctor required in relation to administration of medicine)

  • Religion
  • Names of siblings attending Scoil Mhuire Junior.
  • Previous schools attended, if any, and reasons for transfer.
  • School reports, if applicable
  • Date of Application
  • Any other relevant information.


  • A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate (if applicable) and proof of residency i.e. utility bill, proof of PPS number must accompany each application before they can be processed.
  • Applications for admission are not treated as complete until such time as the school has received all requested information.
  • Incorrect information given regarding eligibility renders an application for admission invalid. Failure to fully complete the application form, failure to supply any relevant information or failure to meet with the school to discuss the application may result in a child being refused admission.
  • Parents/guardians applying for their child to be enrolled in Scoil Mhuire Junior are required to confirm in writing that they support the school’s Code of Behaviour and Discipline and all other agreed school policies and will make all reasonable efforts to ensure their children’s co-operation with the Code of Behaviour and Discipline and all other agreed policies.
  • In the case of applications for admission in a class other than Junior Infants, the same requirements as outlined for Junior Infant application for admission apply.
  • All applicants for admission are informed as to the outcome of their applications in writing.
  • As applications for enrolment in Junior Infants are taken over a 2 week period and decided on by the BOM after the final date for receipt of applications, decisions re all completed applications will issue in writing within 21 working days of the closing date for applications for admission
  • All applicants (parent/guardian and their child) will be invited to meet with the principal or a representative during the admission period.
  • All applicants for admission in other classes will be informed in writing of the decision of the BOM in relation to their application for admission within 21 days of the receipt of their completed application form
  • Decisions in relation to applications for admission are made by the B.O.M. in accordance with stated school policy.


Primary Online Database

The Primary Online Database (POD) is an individualised database of pupils enrolled in all primary schools. The data is provided and kept by the school but certain information is made available to the Department.

If you do not consent to the information being shared with the Department of Education & Skills you must put this wish in writing to the school. Verbal objections are not sufficient. If written objections are not received, parent will be informed that the school has the right to upload the information on POD within a 4 week timeframe.


Parent must consent on the sharing of the following information in relation to;

  • Ethnical/Cultural background and
  • Religion


Information that is automatically shared with POD includes;



PPS Number

Birth Cert Name

Date of Birth


Mother’s Birth Cert Name



Enrolment Date

Leaving Date

Leaving Destination

Irish exemption

Indicators for learning support

Special Class type

Mother tongue


Once an applicant has been notified of an offer of a place in the school, they must accept the place in writing within 10 working days. This will be deemed to be an acceptance of the place. Book bills will be issued at a later date. All monies are due by a set date (may change from year to year).


If a child does not receive a place in the school, details can be provided of the child’s position on the waiting list.


Early Start Admissions

This follows the same procedures as Junior Infants.

Allocation of places:

  • There are 30 Early start places. Priority is given to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. In cases where the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, the children from the most disadvantaged families are given priority.
  • Age requirements – children must be more than 3 years 2 months and less than 4 years 7 months on 1st September of the year in which they are enrolled.
  • All children must be toilet trained prior to starting Early Start
  • A name on a waiting list does not guarantee a place. A place in Early Start does not guarantee a place in Junior Infants.


Admission of children with special educational needs.

  • On receipt of an application for the enrolment of a child with special educational needs, the Board will request an up to date copy of the child’s medical and/or psychological report, or should a report be unavailable, request that the child be assessed immediately. This is to assist the school in establishing the educational and care needs of the child relevant to his/her disability or special needs.
  • The Board will then assess how the school can meet the needs specified in the report.
  • The school will meet with the parents of the child to discuss the child’s needs and the school’s suitability or capability of meeting those needs.
  • Should the Board deem that further resources are required application will be made to provide the resources recommended in the psychological or medical reports, which are deemed necessary to provide an appropriate education for the child.
  • The admission once accepted, shall be subject to a regular review as circumstances demand. This review is open to the Board of Management or the parents of the child with special educational needs, to initiate.


Refusal to enrol on grounds of exceptional circumstances

The Board of Management may refuse an application for admission in rare and exceptional circumstances where;

(a) a pupil has special needs such that, even with additional resources available from DES, the school cannot meet such needs and /or provide the pupil with an appropriate education, or

(b) in the opinion of the Board of Management, the pupil poses an unacceptable risk to other pupils, school staff and/or school property.


Right Of Appeal

Where an application for enrolment is refused, the right of appeal under Section 29 of the Education Act 1998 is stated in the letter of refusal. Where an appeal is initiated, it is the responsibility of the Principal to prepare a response on behalf of the BOM for the Appeals Committee.


Transfer Policy

Transfer of pupils from other schools will be dealt with on an individual basis subject to the Rules governing National Schools, the school’s enrolment policy and available space. The school will require information regarding attendance and the child’s educational progress from the previous school. (Education Welfare Act, 2000)


Code of Behaviour

Parents/Guardians who wish to enrol their child / children must accept the Code of Behaviour.

Refusal to sign acceptance of the Code of Behaviour authorises the Board the right to deny admission to the school.


Information Meeting

An Information Meeting is held for the parents/guardians of all incoming Early Start & Junior Infants in the final term. Parents/guardians are notified in advance.


Age Requirement

The Department of Education and Skills require that all children must be four years of age before September 1st of the year in which they start school.

Children are not obliged to enrol in primary school until they are six years of age.


Policy Availability

The Board of Management revises school policies on a regular basis in line with our legal and other requirements. Copies of agreed policy documents may be viewed in the school by prior arrangement.


This Policy was reviewed in October 2018

Approved at Board of Management Meeting 4th December 2018



Signed : _________________                                                       Date : ____________

           Chairperson Board of Management