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Science Day Fun


We celebrated Science Day on Friday 7th June in our school. We had a fantastic day full of experiments, fun and creativity. Each class had an opportunity to visit the hall & to see lots of experiments in action. Ms. Fitzpatrick and Ms Gray guided us through the experiments such as how to remove oil from water if there was an oil spill in the ocean, static electricity and positive / negative charge , string telephone sound waves, floating and sinking, dancing raisins and the carbon dioxide bubbles, how to blow up a balloon using baking soda and vinegar in a bottle and many many more! We particularly loved the skittles experiment when the warm water dissolved the food colouring in the skittles and it spread through the water like a rainbow.

In our classrooms we also engaged in a variety of STEM based Science activities. Junior and Senior Infants worked in teams to design bridges to cross a river using blocks/duplo and to create the tallest tower they could make using lego bricks, card, blocks, duplo, paper cups and other materials. They also made tinfoil boats and tested them out on water to see how many counters / marbles they could carry! Lots of different boat prototypes were experimented with in order to find the best design.

1st and 2nd class worked together to do a number of STEM based tasks too, such as designing and creating a parachute and a slingshot, creating a lego tower and making slime!

Lots of learning & fun times! Thanks to Ms. Fitzpatrick for all her efforts in organising the day.

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