Early Start Photos


We will change the photos on this page regularly.

Reminder to parents, to sign into your child’s “Google Classroom” account. All future correspondence from the school will be via this. We are going paperless!

November Play

Our themes this month are “Our Emotions” and “Our Senses”.

We are talking about our feelings and how other people feel. It is also “Friendship Month”. So we have to remember to be kind always.

We will also be talking about our senses – hearing, sight, taste and touch.

We are having great fun this month. Have a look at some of our play photos:

We also used some emoji stampers to create these pictures!!! Great fun!!!

The Colour “Blue”

We have been investigating the colour “blue”. We see “blue” all around us ….. sky, ocean, our uniforms …..

Developing finger muscles

“Threading” is a great activity for small children. It helps to develop the muscles in their fingers. This is important for handwriting. Others activities which help develop their finger muscles are playdough, colouring and scissors work. Have a look here at us threading and also at us using playdough!

Maths in Early Start

For maths week, we went on a maths trail. We walked around the school grounds looking for colours. The children had two colours each, which they had to look for.

It is Maths Week this week in the school. In Early Start we are learning to count to 10. We are also learning about the shape the “circle”. We learned that circles have no corners. Circles can roll. Hoops are circles and they are fun to play with.

Halloween in Early Start

The children all dressed up and went on a “spooky walk”. It was a little bit scary but it was great fun!!!!!

The children enjoyed their “Messy play Session” in the “Witches Kitchen”. They enjoyed making magic potions, pouring rice and spiders from one container to the next. Also lifting “maggots” and “spiders” with tweezers. These are good skills to help develop the muscles in their fingers, which they need when learning to write.

The children made cookies for Halloween. For the cookies they used flour, sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla essence. Afterwards they iced them with orange and white icing, to make them look like pumpkins and ghosts.