Early Start: New Themes


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All of the work on this page is optional. You can decide yourself what you would like to look at. We have a new email address. If you would like, you can ask Mum /Dad to take a photo of your work and email it to us. We can put it up on the web page if you like! If you have any query at all, just email us. We would love to hear from you! Sharon and Maria


You might like to look at these pictures to see can you name any of these minibeasts?

The Butterfly

Have a look at this image. You could talk about the lifecycle of a butterfly with Mum / Dad.

This video will help. A child talks in this video. Parents, please watch the video with your child and stop the video before the advertisements at the end.

Jess tells us here about caterpillars.


You could discuss what a bee hive is and why it is a dangerous thing to approach.

You could discuss the honeycomb shape of the bee hive.

You could discuss the work of the bee keeper.

Bug Hotels

What is a bug hotel? How are they made? Why do we have them? There might be one near your house. We have one in school.

Mini Beast Hunt!

Have a look out in your back garden. Ask Mum or Dad to help you. See what minibeasts you can find. Watch Maria here. She had a good look out in her garden.


Ear Wigs







Art Activities

You could create a nice picture of a butterfly using paper and glue stick from your pack or objects from the house.

Make some insects using your playdough

Cosmic Yoga

Try doing yoga with Jamie – “Coco the Butterfly”.
Try doing yoga to the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

Create an obstacle course on the path with your chalk.

Try This Action Song

Some worksheets. These worksheets and many more worksheets and activities are on SeeSaw