Early Start Photos


We will change the photos on this page regularly.

Email sent to parents on 8/01/2021:

Reminder to parents, to sign into your child’s “Google Classroom” account. All future correspondence from the school will be via this. We are going paperless!

We had a very special visitor in Early Start!!!!!!!!! Look at how happy we all were!

We went to the hall to watch the pantomine “The Sword and the Stone”. It was being streamed live from the Helix in DCU.

Here is some of our Christmas Art Work

We are having a great time playing this month. Have a look here:

If you are having problems with your car. “Blakestown Auto Mechanics” are open for business. Very reliable and highly recommended. See them hard at work here:

Our Senses

We have been talking in Early Start about our senses. One of our senses is taste. We had a food tasting session. We had to decide if we liked the food, if it was sweet / sour / bitter. If it was lumpy / smooth. Here are some of our photos.

November photos have been removed.